Most Fulfilling Stationary Game: Tatsing

Date played: April 25, 2013

At last! I finally got to raise my hand when Ma’am Grecia asked who were familiar with a particular game. I was really enthusiastic to play Tatsing because, even though I was familiar with the mechanics of the game, I never actually played it during my childhood. I just watched my cousins and my classmates play tatsingwith their holens at the school playground.

Even though the game was stationary, I still got to enjoy it. There was a sense of achievement whenever our five-peso coins hit the one-peso coins. And it was also funny whenever the pamato  hits the other coins accidentally.

When we already began the variation of the game, what happened was somehow “stealing of the treasures.” There were three of us (including Kiel) who got around five coins already before the variation began.  The coins which the two of us collected respectively got hit by Kiel’s coin. I was able to redeem the coins from him but he ended up getting them back. So, in the end, he won.


Not my photo! I got this from this site:

I noticed that my classmates had fun as well since it was a more relaxing game compared to the brutal games we played such as bihagan and sis-sis-ki.

Maybe there would have been more fun if the players are required to first hit all the coins in the rectangle so that at least, everyone has his/her own coins. When there are no more one-peso coin left, that would be the time for gathering others coins by hitting their five-peso coins.

Varsity player: Kiel. He was really great! There were a lot of times when he hit more than one coin with his five-peso coin. At the end of the game, I remember he got  23 out of the 25 coins (because he stole our coins! hehe). 😀

-Nikki U. Estrada 😀


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